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NEW FOR 2020!!!

Awakened Fitness Myofacial Release Rollers and Balls

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After nearly a decade of prescribing self-myofacial release to clients for pain relief and for aiding in posture correction, Awakened Fitness is now proud to offer our own line of custom designed foam and rubber rolling products. Over the years I find myself coming back to the same five tools over and over again, but sometimes the store-bought brands aren't exactly the right shape, and are of varying degrees of quality. Awakened Fitness has ensured that its products are the finest quality and are made to are exact standards.

Self-myofacial release products are available separately, or in complete kits at a discounted price. They are in stock now, and will be available for sale on this website shortly. Until then, call Alex Cromartie directly at (407) 257-6448 or email him here.